At McGinness Associates we have developed our range of services over the years to meet the specific needs and requirements of our growing customer base.

These include:

  • Providing detailed advice to directors whose firms are struggling financially.

For companies with cash flow problems we have the capability to offer advice on various options available to the directors. We have the ability to overview the financial, marketing and organisation of a company and offer solutions which will enable the company to raise extra capital or restructure its existing finances.

  • Providing business plans, cash flows and projections to firms.

We can offer on an ongoing basis, detailed business plans and projections for companies where this reporting requirement may be needed on a monthly or quarterly basis for the company’s bankers or shareholders.

  • Providing a range of accounting services including book keeping and preparation of accounts

We offer to those firms as required, traditional book keeping, payroll services, and preparation of accounts.

  • Providing a full range of marketing services

We offer a full range of marketing services to firms who do not have this expertise available within their business.

  • Providing resources to Insolvency Practitioners in the central belt

We have the capability to provide experienced staff to insolvency firms to enable them to manage the peaks and troughs often experienced with either personal or corporate cases. This may include assisting at the beginning of liquidations when closing down premises and making staff redundant.

  • Providing closure facilities to Insolvency Practitioners in both corporate and personal cases

With over 20 years of experience in one of our senior staff alone we can provide a closure facility to Insolvency Practitioners for both personal and corporate cases. This can be done in our offices or in house. It enables insolvency firms to realise their work in progress and help their cash flow. It also brings an area of expertise to those firms that do not have the specialist knowledge in this area.