Business advisors doing the business for our customers

It’s what we’re all about as accountants, and in particular, business advisors, we deliver the services our customers need to operate and develop their businesses.

We’re proactive, hands on and to the point. We’re considered in all that we do but don’t waste time. We use our expertise and experience to solve problems, source funding and assist with business growth requirements.

Personal advisors in financial matters

Our financial experience covers a wide range of services which includes our specialities of personal debt advice and compensation claims for PPI and other financial products.

In these areas you’ll find our staff helpful, understanding, on your side and focussed on ensuring you get the very best from our services.

Business and personal advisors to the self employed

It’s one of our specialities and we have a department dedicated to providing our self-employed customers with a wide range of services to include finance planning and debt advice, dealing with HMRC problems and key advice on how to separate business from personal affairs.

Here’s how we operate

We take the time to really listen to what you need, assess how we can help and advise on how that will work. Our approach is simple but effective:

  • Initial consultations are free
  • We guarantee great customer service, no ifs, buts or maybes
  • Fees are detailed in advance so you always know where you stand
  • Our service is personalised to your individual requirements

For more information on our services and how we can help, you can email us here or call us on 0800 488 0030.



Leave your finance, accountancy and funding requirements to us


McGinness Associates have been successful in its recent legal action taken on behalf of a client. On 31st October, the unequivocal judgement of the Scottish Courts has been upheld by the Supreme Court. The case related to whether a former…

Fundamental Accounting

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Financial statements are prepared according to agreed upon guidelines. In order to understand these guidelines, it helps to understand the objectives of financial reporting. The objectives of financial reporting, as discussed in the Financial Accounting standards Board (FASB) Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts No. 1, are to provide information that

Business services that meet the mark

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At McGinness Associates we have developed our range of services over the years to meet the specific needs and requirements of our growing customer base.

Providing detailed advice to directors whose firms are struggling financially.

For companies with cash flow problems…


It’s what our business is all about: the very highest levels of customer service. We know that by getting this part right we not only add value to our customers’ business, we also develop a long term commercial relationship that benefits both organisations.

We’re in it for the long haul and developing trust and credibility over time cements relationships that last and is always good business all round.

Much of our business comes from customer referrals and that’s something we take great pride in.